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Preview: City Council agenda (March 5)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 6:30pm. The agenda is here.

This week: Pretty light.

If you know of anyone else who’d like to get our weekly preview via email, the link is here.

  • Alum Dosing: Councilor Rose has an item asking what it would take for the city to build an “alum dosing station” at the main inlet to our 190-acre, often-unsafely-gross Indian Lake.
  • Farmstands: The Council will likely approve a new farmstand ordinance “to increase access to fresh, healthy food for the residents of the city of Worcester by promoting urban agriculture.” You will be able to operate a farmstand but will have to get a permit from the city.
  • Extending the City Manager’s Contract: At some point the meeting will recess into an executive session that will not be open to the public, so the Council can start hammering out an extended contract for City Manager Augustus.