Preview: City Council agenda (April 2)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 6:30pm. The agenda is here.

This week: Lodging, rectangular fields.

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  • Airbnb: The Council will likely ask the City Manager to come up with a plan for collecting the various taxes the city can levy on Airbnbs (“the 3% Community Impact Fee and the 6% hotel-motel tax for short term rentals”).
  • Four Unrelated People: Councilor Bergman, in the spirit of making housing more affordable, has proposed that the city allow more than 3 unrelated people to live in certain units, without those then being subject to costly “lodging house” requirements. The Council has a couple related items this week, asking for clarification on “lodging houses” and for a legal opinion as to whether relevant Boston ordinances could be adopted by Worcester. In slightly related items, Councilor Wally wants the city to keep a list of all non-owner-occupied units, so the city could keep a special eye on substandard situations in absentee landlord buildings.
  • Rectangular Fields: AKA soccer fields. Councilor Rose has an item asking the city to build a soccer field “adjacent to the Roberto Clemente baseball/softball field on the Northeast Cutoff.”
  • Pretending to Be the School Committee: Councilor Lukes wants the Council to “endorse” police being stationed in public buildings, particularly schools. I never understand why the Council so often feels bored with non-school business and attempts to be the School Committee. Mayor Petty has a previously-tabled item in which the city’s lawyers make clear that the City Council is not the School Committee.

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