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WooDaddy: Closed (For Now)

WooDaddy Waffles, the great brunch event run out of Moynihan’s Pub most weekend for the past couple years, unexpectedly announced they will not open this weekend, and will not reopen for some time.


Dear Community,

WooDaddy will be closed this Sunday and for the next few weeks. We have been planning a move out of Moynihans for some time and had planned a last day in November. That plan was abruptly cut short and we will no longer be inside Moynihans starting immediately.

We are actively looking for a new space to host us. We are grateful to our loyal following. We out you we would not be. Although unexpected, this is a positive change and we look forward to being in a much better and more like minded space very soon.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please send us a message to pre-order your limited edition waffle shirt today. We need your support to help our relocation!

We were really happy to tape 508 episode #200 there a couple weeks ago, and look forward to them reopening ASAP.

Running Start Worcester: Incubator/Co-working Space to Open


Running Start is an effort by Leary and his two partners at Kennebec Holdings Co., which offers business plan writing, that provides a service to tenants who will pay $250 a month for memberships in the incubator.

Scheduled to open in late August.

131 Lincoln Street, Worcester, MA.
1 (774) 312-7569
Today 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Some sort of co-working space in Worcester has been on my wish list for years.

Running Start on Facebook