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This week’s Clark Police Blotter

Highlights from the Clark Scarlet:

Wednesday, October 24th:

0:49 – Unknown noise on Maywood Street.

12:22 People throwing rocks at Maywood hall.

19:42 – Report of an erratic female on Main Street.

Saturday, October 27th:

11:12 Man found possibly asleep on Florence Street.

Sunday, October 28th:

22:58 – Off-campus: Car vs. Pedestrian showdown.

Monday, October 29th:

9:01 – Tables and chairs mysteriously outside of the UC.

19:16 – Toilet in Dana Hall keeps running.

WPD’s motions to dismiss denied in false imprisonment case

via Courthouse News Service:

A 5-foot-9 man with no tattoos spent 9 months in jail because Worcester, Mass. police identified

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him as an armed robber, though the victim said the robber was about 4-foot-9, with tattoos, the taller man claims in Federal Court.

Full text of memorandum here.

Crossing Highland

A recent article in the WPI Towers gives helpful hints for students attempting to cross Highland Street:

WPI students are often warned not to venture beyond Highland Street. However, if you want to maintain some form of sanity throughout the academic year and a connection with the outside world, escaping WPI by crossing Highland is the only way. Some of the locals are a bit crazy and just want to be respected, but they aren’t going to jump you at a moment’s notice.

Also important to know about the locals:

while dropping the WPI card to a Worcester cop may help you out of a jam, to the average local it means you are a wealthy nerd with electronics, possibly a laptop, that will probably not physically fight back much when threatened.

The He Said/She Said advice column also tackles a question relevant to every Worcesterite: My roommate befriended a panhandler. What should I do?

Coming across panhandlers in Worcester is as common as finding StarCraft in the library. Some people will give them the world, while others won’t even look them in the eyes.

My favorite moment in the Worcester State University police log from October 1 – October 15:

10/3/2012 9:25am – spoke to 4 skateboards.

Highlights from the week’s Clark University police blotter

October 10-16:

Thursday, October 11th

18:12 – There was a smell of natural gas in garage. The police have confirmed that it’s no problem.

20:55 – Mice found off campus in 914 Main Street.

Friday, October 12th

15:15 – Disgruntled employee at the physical plant.

Saturday, October 13th

15:10 – For some mysterious reason, door to the UC won’t shut.

18:25 – Group of kids arguing at the playground.

Monday, October 15th

14:57 – Suspicious woman on campus in a multi-colored shirt.

18:41 – Kids on skateboards being obnoxiously.


Coverage from the Monrovia New Dawn regarding Christina Andrianopoulos’ testimony in court:

Upon a glance at the “tall and giant-sized” driver sitting beside her, Miss Andrianopoulos fled from her seat and sat strictly into the crowd where some of her sympathizers were seated. She rested (lied back) on one of

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the ladies usually accompanying her to court for nearly 10 minutes, taking deep breath as sweat pulled out of her body.

After being fanned for few minutes and taking in a bottle of water, the kidnap victim subsequently appeared before Magistrate Nelson B. Chinneh and identified defendant David Orma Safunue as the driver, who picked her up from the Roberts International Airport (RIA) upon arrival here from the U.S. on September 23, 2012.

Andrianopoulos has returned to the US and asks that she be allowed “to heal and embrace my children and family.”


There have been two Telegram stories from the 10th and 11th, and one Daily Worcesteria item, about Christina Andrianopoulos’ kidnapping experience in Liberia.

New Dawn Liberia has reported on the story from a slightly different perspective it as well.

We’d also like to point readers to the full press release of the experience, that was issued on the 9th.  Andrianopoulos says on Facebook that she will tell her story when she returns to the US.

Update, 7:45 pm: A reader noted that a review of Andrianopoulos’ Facebook page raises more questions than answers.

If she had all her electronics and money taken, and was being held under a form of house arrest, it’s quite fortuitous that she was able to start using Facebook for iPhone on October 1:

And then post a link to a GoLocal Worcester article and a promo for an upcoming TV show:

Goodness knows if I were being held indefinitely in Liberia I’d start wishing for snow:

Womag update: Boyfriend of woman in Liberia: This is international crisis. “He says US government officials at all levels are working closely with their Liberian counterparts not just to secure the safe return of an American citizen, but on an international crisis that stretches to other countries.”

Update: additional Liberian news coverage: New Republic Liberia has some comments from Andrianopoulos; Front Page Africa online notes that she was unable to give written testimony in court yesterday.  The earliest African press coverage I’ve been able to find was on October 4, in what seems to be a press release from the Liberian Ministry of Justice.

Update: even more Liberian coverage: from October 10, October 11, and October 12

Surveillance pix of man who stole empty wallet at convenience store

Worcester Police Department:

On Friday March 16, 2012

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at approximately 10:44 PM Worcester Police responded to the Honey Farms Market located at 443 Park Avenue for a reported unarmed Robbery of an individual. Upon the officers arrival they met with a 39 year old male victim. The victim, who is mentally disabled, was able to explain

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to the officers that he was robbed of his wallet out in the store parking lot.

According to the victim, a male suspect followed him inside the store as he made a purchase. The male suspect kept close to him while inside the store making witnesses believe that the male was his caretaker. Once outside, the suspect ripped away his wallet that was attached to a chain around his neck. The suspect ran off on Park Avenue. There were no contents inside the victim’s wallet.

The police have posted a photo of the robber, from a surveillance camera and are asking for tips.