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Tim Murray: No Gov or Statewide Run in 2014

Bobbing for Big Boys

Prominent Worcesterite and Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray won’t be running for Governor or anything else statewide in 2014:

However, as I contemplate the commitment required over the next 20 months (and the following four years as Governor) and weigh that against my obligations and responsibilities to my young family, I have decided that I will not be a candidate for Governor in the 2014 election cycle. Nor will I be a candidate for any other statewide office in 2014.

Election Commission exhaustive coverage

Yesterday’s Election Commission meeting was one of the more thoroughly covered events Worcester has seen recently. This morning’s Telegram and Gazette report from Nick Kotsopoulos is only the beginning.

T&G reporter Steve Foskett was also at the meeting and livetweeted it. Walter Bird adds a bit of Worcester Magazine coverage here, with an odd take this morning on some of the exchanges. GoLocalWorcester has their coverage here.

Nicole liveblogged most of it, with MainSouthMom picking up where Nicole’s power ran out.

The flowchart created by Assistant Clerk Joshua Meduna, referenced several times during the meeting is available online here. It spells out what happens with inactive or ID-needed voters.

Audio of the entire meeting is here.

In addition, the following requests were made by the Voter Protection Network:

  • Request that the Election Commission and the City of Worcester continue to prioritize the pressing need for greater training of poll workers as well as for police officers who work at polling locations.
  • Request that the Election Commission place 2 large signs in the same languages as the ballots at all polling locations stating; “ALL ELEGIBLE VOTERS HAVE A RIGHT TO VOTE TODAY” and a second of the City’s official list of acceptable proof of residency.
  • Request the names of anyone that was removed from polling locations by the Worcester Police Department, or asked to leave by the Worcester City Clerk, be submitted by the City of Worcester to the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Commission and the City Solicitors Office to be reviewed and recommended for potential sanctions.


For those interested, the next meeting of the Voter Protection Network is Wednesday, September 26 at 6:15 pm at the YWCA, 1 Salem Square.  For more information, see here.

Binienda Faints in Boston

According to the State House News Service , Worcester state Rep. John Binienda is in the hospital today after fainting yesterday at the State House. He has diabetes and had blood sugar problems.

Unrelated: A search at finds no articles with “Binienda” in the past 30 days.

Update: T&G article now up:

His aide John Murphy said that Mr. Binienda was feeling woozy yesterday and briefly passed out before paramedics were called and treated him at the Statehouse. He was conscious and alert after being treated and paramedics recommended he go to the hospital. They transported him to nearby Massachusetts General Hospital.

Mr. Murphy said Mr. Binienda was feeling well enough last night to call his office to keep track of the flurry of legislative activity under way until the final formal session ended at midnight. He said Mr. Binienda was being monitored and having some tests done today but was feeling better.

“He is a diabetic and has been for many years. His sugar levels were very high and he did faint so to speak, but came to very quickly,” Mr. Murphy said.