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Pay down for T&G workers

I’d found this a few days ago and forgot to point it out…

WRNI has a long story about Projo contract negotiations; of interest:

The newspaper industry is in difficult straits and employees at other New England newspapers — both larger and smaller –have witnessed wage reductions. Boston Globe employees recently took a 7 percent pay cut and workers at the Worcester Telegram, who are represented by the Providence Guild, saw their paychecks decline by 3 percent. [emphasis added]

No, there will be no cheap shots in this post.  We need a local daily, we need one that is informative, and — ultimately — we need one that is profitable, not just for rich people who live out of state.  I don’t know what, if anything, will come of the 2100 Trust proposal, but I hope it makes for a better news product for readers, contributors, and investors.

“The blog article”: kinda weird

Shaun Sutner’s article on local bloggers came out today.

Most of the article is a well-deserved profile of Nicole Apostola, Bill Randell, and their quirky interests (municipal signage, the Worcester airport). It begins with a quirky interest of its own: who will maintain “[o]ne of Jeff Barnard’s most valuable legacies,” the Worcester blogroll?

Kind of a weird beginning for an article in a daily paper. But then again, how many blog posts by those profiled are weird the whole way through? Not sure who the target audience for this piece is, but not bad at all.

FWIW, here are my recent thoughts on local blogging. And here’s what Jim has to say.

Notre Dame to become part of CitySquare?


The T&G reports this morning that Frederick H. Eppinger, head of lead CitySquare investor Hanover, wants to incorporate adjacent Notre Dame des Canadiens Catholic Church, which was closed by the diocese 2 years ago.

Mr. Eppinger said there are no plans to demolish the church structure, which was built in 1929. He said it will no longer serve as a church.

“It’s a pretty massive building,” he said. “There are a lot of possibilities. You have to be thoughtful as to how you use it. It has to go with the overall outlook of the projects. Right now there are a lot of moving pieces with that. We would want to remove the stained glass. It hasn’t been heated, so there could be some other issues.”

This is great news, but what will they use it for?

(Image: Notre Dame des Canadiens Church, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (2.0) image from EdKopp4’s photostream)