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Worcester Baseball Glove Maker on WBUR

Today, WBUR profiled a Worcester company, Insignia Gloves (update: RichSPK notes that they’re on Twitter), which is one of only two companies in the US that make leather baseball gloves.

The Devaneys are proud that their gloves and all their components are made in America. They are even more proud that they’re being made mostly by new Americans: Latinos, Vietnamese, Albanians and Iraqis. The company reached out to community groups such as Catholic Relief Services, Lutheran World Services and the city of Worcester to find skilled workers.

It’s “one of the few factories in America that

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make for the American pastime with an immigrant base that’s not American,” Jim Devaney mused. “That is ironic.”

Glenn Gould doc at Clark this weekend

Jim Keough, in Worcester Magazine:

For classical music devotees, Glenn Gould was a rock star.

Hell yes.

Glenn Gould:

It’s only cultures that, by accident or good management, bypassed the Renaissance which see art for the menace it really is.

Clark’s Cinema 320 series is showing Genius Within, a documentary about the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould, this weekend. It’s also on Netflix instant view, but really, half the fun of being a Gould fan is talking about his music and mania with others. If things work out, maybe I’ll see you there.

Thursday March 10, Saturday March 12 @ 7:30PM;
Sunday March 13 @ 1, 3:10PM. Jefferson Academic Center, on the corner of Main and Downing streets in Worcester. $5.50.

Glenn Gould:

But this pill complex of mine has been grossly exaggerated. . . . One
reporter wrote that I travelled with a suitcase full of pills.
Actually, they barely fill a briefcase.

The closest thing I’ve done to an artwork about Gould was the Snow Ghost show about Mystery Band 2008, in which my band performed “Glenn Gould Goes to Leningrad.”

Worcester bouncer assault: arrest, hearing, viral video, white supremacists

If you haven’t seen the video of a Worcester bouncer trapping a guy in a strip club bathroom, accusing him of selling drugs, punching him a couple times, and taking his money, it’s below. Apparently a fellow employee shot the video. The incident was last May 25, but the video only recently appeared. The bouncer was arrested this week. The T&G says that he’ll be arraigned today next Tuesday and that the License Commission will have a hearing about all this next month.

Worcester Magazine has a partial transcription.

Dianne Williamson notes that white supremacists have embraced the video. The bouncer is black and the guy he punches is white; at one point he makes the guy kneel and pray “Oh, great fucking brown dude.” Neil Foisy estimates the video has been seen 200,000 times online, but I had trouble finding a working copy, presumably because YouTube is removing them when white supremacists descend upon the comments sections or use it as a recruiting tool.

Some of the white supremacists are holding a meeting at the library Wednesday. Their visits to Worcester are usually ignored, but they’ll likely get some attention this time.

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