Worcester City Election 2015: Who’s on the ballot?

Incumbents in italics. Corrections or additions? Please add a comment below.

City Council: At-Large

Khrystian King [WebsiteT&G interviewTwitter]
William S. Coleman III [T&G interviewVideo interview]
Linda Parham [FacebookT&G interviewTwitter]
Michael Gaffney [WebsiteT&G interviewVideo interviewTwitter]
Christina Zlody [WebsiteT&G interviewVideo interviewTwitter]
Kate Toomey [WebsiteT&G interviewTwitter]
Joe Petty [T&G interview]
Juan Gomez [WebsiteT&G interview]
Konnie Lukes [FacebookT&G interview]
Ronald O’Clair [T&G interviewTwitter]
Carmen Carmona [WebsiteT&G interviewVideo interview]
Morris Bergman [FacebookT&G interviewVideo interview]
Philip P. Palmieri (district incumbent now running at-large) [WebsiteT&G interview]
George A. Fox III
Matthew Wally [WebsiteT&G interviewVideo interviewTwitter]
Robert Sargent [FacebookT&G interview]

City Council: Districts

Tony Economou: 1 [Website]
Cindy Nguyen: 1 [Website]

Jennithan Cort├ęs: 2 [WebsiteVideo interview]
Larry R. Shetler: 2
Ana Sequera: 2 [Video interviewTwitter]
Candy Mero-Carlson: 2

George Russell: 3 [Website]

Sarai Rivera: 4 [Website]
Jacqueline Kostas: 4

Gary Rosen: 5

School Committee

Tracy Novick
John Monfredo
Cotey Collins
Jack Foley
Brian A. O’Connell
Hilda Ramirez
Molly McCullough
Dianna Biancheria
Nicola D’Andrea
Donna Colorio

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  1. Would be great if you could add Twitter handles or other available social media presence for the candidates who partake.

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